The Family

The inheritance

The estate belongs to our family since 1839.

Currently, the fourth generation of offsprings is managing the estate. Inherited from our Grandmother, Maria Ana Rosado Cortes Bagulho, the property’s land and houses have been divided in lots of equal value by the five children. Nowadays, three of these five children share their respective lands and have created Agricultural Societies to commercially explore the agriculture estate, mainly in Agriculture, Cereals, Cattle/Forest and wine production.
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The three branches of the original family that now run the lands of Torre do Frade comprise the following sub-families.

  • Bagulho Albino
  • Rosa Bagulho
  • Bagulho Vasconcelos

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Marked by the death of Vicente Martins Curvo, first owner of the Estate Torre do Curvo, which consisted of the properties of Torre de Curvo de Cá, Torre de Curvo Dálem (now Torre do Frade) and Torre da Alvarenga.

From 1348 to 1834

Vicente Martins Curvo declared on his will that his Estates should provide for the Ermits of Saint Agostinho, followed by the construction of a chapel in the Church Matriz de Vieiros. The guardianship of both towers (Cá and Dalém) was the responsibility of two different congregations of the same religious order. During this period, one of the congregations turned out to be more liberal than the other and ended up by changing the name Torre do Curvo Dalém to Torre do Frade.


The extinction of the religious orders was declared in a decree on the 28th of May 1834. Without further delay, this measure forced the incorporation of assets from all religious orders to the National Treasury and their subsequent sell on public auctions.


The estates of Torre do Curvo and Torre do Frade were divided in similar parcels, having as reference the division of the stream of Picanheiras (according to the story told by João Maria Baptista). The property of Torre do Frade was bought by António Joaquim de Sousa Zuzarte in 1839 for the amount of 14 réis (old currency) (see the Family Tree»)


The father passes the property administration onto his son, Francisco João de Sousa Zuzarte, married to Mrs. Maria Tereza de Matos Cortes Zuzarte (Family Tree»). The couple never had children but were responsible for raising their goddaughter/niece Maria Ana Rosado Cortes, who became their only non biological child.


Francisco João de Souza Zuzarte dies on the 8th of July 1928, leaving the administration to Maria Tereza de Matos Cortes de Souza Zuzarte.


Mrs. Maria Tereza dies, leaving the estate in will to her adopted niece Maria Ana Rosado Cortes Bagulho (Family Tree»), wife of Luís Alfredo Carvalho Bagulho who assumed the property administration. Luís Alfredo was the son of the Torre do Curvo’s owner and so the two estates were reunited again, after 605 years of its original owner’s death. (Family Tree»)


Luís Alfredo Carvalho Bagulho dies and the property is rented out.


Like many others, the property is occupied and all its assets are destroyed “in favour” of the agricultural reform.


The land slowly returns to the family in parcels, later shared by the five children. Three of these children, Francisco, Teresa and Luísa, are united in the exploration and ownership of the property till today. The three branches of the Bagulho family that continue this exploration are:
1. Bagulho Albino
2. Bagulho Rosa
3. Bagulho Vasconcelos


The founding of a new Agricultural Society, in partnership with the group Mendes de Almeida, for the exploration of 2500ha (aprox. 6177 acres) of land in the border area and in Campo Maior.


The first testing ground for cereal variety is created at Torre do Frade, in partnership with Pioneer, the club of Trigo Rijo and the Elvas centre for the improvement of plants.


Construction of the dam of Torre do Frade, with storing capacity of 250 m3 of water.


Acquisition of the first mobile pivot to water the tilled fields of Barrada and Matinho, transforming 60 ha (approx. 148 acres) of dryland into irrigated land.


Building the dam of Torre do Curvo, capable of storing 300 m3 of water.


Acquisition of the second mobile pivot, to water the tilled fields of Aldinha and Ovil. This also enabled us to transform 60 ha (approx. 148 acres) of dryland into irrigated one.


Purchase of a set of rustic buildings in Fronteira, that was built and expanded to approximately 2000 ha (4942 acres) in partnership with brothers João and Carlos Mendes de Almeida.


The first trial run of direct sowing.


Our partner Fernando Carpinteiro Albino succeeded in creating a group of 33 breeders of pure breed alentejan cows, which in July was denominated Carnalentejana. Our partner is the president of the administration board since its foundation.


Renewal of the tractors


Installment of a pumping station in the water well of Gafa and implantation of the 3rd mobile pivot to water the tilled fields of Gafa in both sides of the stream Tira Calças, turning 40 ha (98.84 acres) of dryland into irrigated land.


Leasing of the estate lands in serra D’aires for ten years


Construction of the Serra D’Aires dam with storing capacity of 500 m3 of water and installment of the 4th mobile pivot with watering capacity for 100 ha (247 acres)


Installing a vineyard in stages in the tilled field of poço dos baldes. In total, the plantation comprises 24 ha (59.3 acres) of red vine with the following grape varieties:
• Aragonez – 13,5 ha (33.3 acres)
• Trincadeira – 6 ha (14.8 acres)
• Syrah – 2,5 ha (6.17 acres)
• Alicante Bouchet – 2 ha (4.9 acres)


Initiation of grape supply to individual wineries
Acquisition of the last generation New Holland thresher


Bernardo Albino starts studying the benefits of creating our own wine


The administration is convinced to create its own wine brand
The first harvest that originated the wine Torre do Frade Reserva 2004


The sale of the exploitation in Campo Maior, in partnership with Group Mendes de Almeida


Diogo Albino graduates in Business Communication and joins the project – creating an excellent wine; to manage the process of creating a Wine Brand.
Bernardo Albino finishes his post-graduation in Viticulture at the Higher School of Agronomy.
The wine Torre do Frade Reserva 2004 is highly praised by winning the Gold medal at the premier of the MundusVini Contest in Germany.
Release of Torre do Frade Reserva 2004 in December through a personal mailing just for the family friends.


Planting of 7,5 ha (18.5 acres) of white vine on the other side of the new road dividing the land: 3 ha (7.4 acres) of Viognier and 4,5 ha (11 acres) of Arinto.
Release of Torre do Frade Reserva 2005 in December.


Torre do Frade Reserva 2004 is distinguished again, with the second Gold medal of its short life at the National Bottled Wine Contest in Santarém.


Production of our first white wine, Torre do Frade Viognier 2009.
Building the Wine Museum and the tasting room at the Torre do Frade estate.
Torre do Frade Reserva 2005 wins the Gold medal of the National Bottled Wine Contest in Santarém.
Launching the first publicity campaign for the brand Torre do Frade, both online and in press releases.


Simultaneous release of Torre do Frade Reserva 2006 and Torre do Frade Viognier 2009.
Torre do Frade Reserva 2006 also wins the Gold medal at the National Bottled Wine Contest in Santarém.


Release of the first midrange wine of Torre do Frade, the red Virgo 2010.